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Leadwood Big Game Estate

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How much time do you need to photograph my lodge, buildings etc?

A: It all depends on the size of the lodge, hotel, house, how many buildings you have that need to be photographed etc. Normally 2 days will be enough to get photos for an average sized lodge. I take photos during daytime, at dusk and dawn, and even at night. So to get all the photos I need can take a while. Normally 2 nights will be enough. Some lodges will only take 1 day and 1 night. I will have a look at your current website and photos that you have (if you have any) and then decide how much time I will need. Weather conditions might also play a role.

Q: Why can’t you just take a lot of snapshots and just edit them? By doing this, I will get a lot of pictures and you will save me time and money!

A: Less is more. I use sophisticated camera equipment and techniques to photograph your property. Setting up the equipment and to get the best possible photo takes time. Sometimes I have to wait a while to get the best possible ambient light, sometimes use flashes to get more light etc. All this takes time. The end product will be much better than just a normal snapshot. You will get fewer photos, but you will get more “Good looking, perfect” photos.

Q: What will it cost me?

A: It all depends on the size of your property, how much time I spend there, the amount of photos you need etc. I have daily rates, hourly rates, and licencing rates if you only want to use certain photos for a certain time period.

Q: Can you take photos of people and guests in the photos to show activities, staff working etc? 

A: Yes I can. We can use your staff or visiting guests as models for the photos or I can supply models to use in the photo shoots. If we use visiting guests and staff, you need to get written permission from them to use the photos publicly.If I supply the models I will also charge for model fees.

Q: What do you need from us to do to get the best possible photos?

A: You need to get the property to look really good for the photos. Do some gardening, clean and iron the linen, clean the floors, pathways and other things like mirrors, windows etc. Here is a PDF file that you can download to point out and help you with all the requirements. Lodge owners guide

Q: Do you want us to supply you with accommodation and meals? 

A: That will be really nice from you if you can supply me with accommodation and meals if I work at your property for longer than a day. Lodges normally do it anyway (thank you), but if I need to photograph a property far from my hometown, and the property does not have accommodation for me and supply me with meals, I will ask the owners to supply me with that or I can organise it myself and quote you for that as well. A cold drink or coffee now and then will also be appreciated.

Q: What exactly will you photograph?

A: It all depends on what you need. At lodges, I will normally photograph the interiors and exteriors of the rooms, restaurant, reception, bar etc. I can also photograph the scenery from the outside looking towards the lodge, landscapes in the area, the pool area, viewing decks etc. All this can be photographed at the different times of day to get you different effects. I can also photograph specific activities at the lodge or in the area. Please feel free to ask me to photograph something specific while I am there or preferebly discuss it with me before the shoot.

Q: When and how will we receive the photos?

A: I do a lot of post-production (editing) work on the photos to get the best possible results. This can take a while, especially if I need to do other photoshoots as well in-between. I normally try to get the photos to you within 2 weeks from the end of the photoshoot but it can take longer. You will receive the photos on a USB Disc. There will be a folder with all the high-resolution photos that you can use for prints, brochures etc. There will also be a separate folder with the small resolution photos that you can use on your website, on social media and for e-mails. If you chose the “Licencing only” option you will only receive the specific photo/s you required as per the agreed contract.